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Welcome Prof. Gang Jin from Zhoukou Normal University to be committee member!


Prof. Gang Jin

Zhoukou Normal University of Mech. & Elect. Engineering

金刚教授 周口师范学院机械与电气工程学院

Research Area: Railway vehicle dynamics, route design, alignments design

Research Exprience:

On the basis of extensive research on the theory of orbital curves at home and abroad, the curve design principles of high-speed railways are proposed. The research obtained a complete set of new methods for the design of the orbital curve, which theoretically solves the global problems of the orbital curve design. In the form of a single curve expression, a no-round curve, a reverse curve, and a U-shaped curve whose planes reach G4 continuity and elevation reaches G2 are designed. The dynamic theory analysis under vehicle-track rigid body model shows that under 350km/h driving conditions, the derailment coefficient is less than 0.05 and the load shedding rate is less than 7%, which is far better than the current safety limit.


“Analysis of Wheel-rail Force in Curve Track Based on Rigid Body Dynamics Model”.Chinarailway science, 2017, Vol.38, No.3

“Design Method of Track Circuit Based on 6th order Two-stage Transition Curve”. Chinese invention patent, 201410657151.4