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Welcome Pro.Go-Long Tsai ​from National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan to be committee member!


Pro.Go-Long Tsa

National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

蔡國隆教授 國立臺北科技大学

Research Area: 

Thermal Fluid/Noise and Acoustic/EV/IOT/AI application

Research Experience:


Sept 1988 – Feb 1992, Ph.D in Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University,Taiwan.;

Topic: “The Wake Flow Structure and Flame Stabilization Behind a Slit V-Gutter ”.

Sept 1986– June 1988, Master in Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. 

Topic: “The Cycle Simulation of the Multi-Cylinder Internal Combustion Engines,”.

Sept 1983 – June 1986, BEng in Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.


After been working and studying in automotive filed for over 26 years, I am familiar with testing, developing, and researching processes of transport technology in many aspects  such as thermal and fluid interaction, noise/vibration/harshness(NVH) refinement, and electrical and mechanical system integration. In my BS education, I had got some practical training at the department of power mechanical engineering of ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan).  I had also worked with some engineers of ITRI for experimental data in my MS thesis.   My first job after my Ph. D. graduations and military service is the vice-chief engineer; I learned the operation activities of ISO 9000s and the knowledge strength enhancement about steel material.   During my career in ARTC (Automotive Research and Testing Center, Taiwan), I engaged in the testing methodology and NVH refinement technologies through real application to custom product refinement projects.  I also learned a lot of project operation/management/planning/organization administration skills, when I was the chief of the department of Noise and Vibration, ARTC.  My recent career is an associate professor in the department of vehicle engineering, National Taipei University of Technology.  I engaged in the skills of rapid prototyping of electronic controller, green energy conversions, signal processing, AI technology applications.