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Welcome Pro.Tai-Fa Young ​from National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan to be committee member! 


Pro.Tai-Fa Young

National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

楊台發教授 国立中山大学

Research Area: 

Semiconductor optoelectronics, IC & thin film automation fabrications

Research Experience:

He has devoted to develop thin film deposition processes and equipment of PVD, PECVD and microwave CVD for semiconductor electronic applications. His research fields include thin film processes and their properties characterization, such as Si, silicide, GaN and diamond. Some remarkable achievements are:

1. Developed a microwave CVD system and fabrication of diamond and SiC nano powder, which has an adjustable uniform nano size. Using this technique, a nano diamond electrode has been made with a very high sensitivity for characterization in biomedical applications.

2. Studies on the diamond thin film growth mechanism, I have built a microwave CVD including the doping utility for p-type and n-type diamonds, and achieved successful processes and studied the diamond growth mechanism and properties. These doping techniques are very complicate that less people have done good result in the world.

3. In the recent years I have studied the conduction mechanism of resistive random memory (RRAM) devices with carbon, ITO thin films on MOS RRAM. Some important effects of processes with critical state CO2 treatment can improve the performance of RRAN.


His typical research results have been published in followings:

1. Hsin-Lu Chen, Po-Hsun Chen, Ting-Chang Chang*, Tai-Fa Young*, Min-Chuan Wang, Chi-Fong Ai, Tsung-Ming Tsai, Kuan-Chang Chang, Min-Chen Chen, Yu-Ting Su, Chih-Cheng Yang, and Chun-Chu Lin. Super Critical Fluid Technique to Enhance Current Output on Amorphous Silicon-Based Photovoltaic. IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, 38, (2017, Oct), p1401-4. (SCI.).

2. Kai-Huang Chen, Kuan-Chang Chang, Ting-Chang Chang, Tsung-Ming Tsai, Shu-Ping Liang, Tai-Fa Young, Yong-En Syu and Simon M. Sze. Improvement of Bipolar Switching Properties of Gd:SiOx RRAM Devices on Indium Tin Oxide Electrode by LowTemperature Supercritical CO2 Treatment. Nanoscale Research Letters, 11 (2016, Feb) p52-56. (SCI).

3. Yi-Jiun Chen, Kuan-Chang Chang, Ting-Chang Chang*, Hsin-Lu Chen, Tai-Fa Young*, Tsung-Ming Tsai, Rui Zhang, Tian-Jian Chu, Jian-Fa Ciou, Jen-Chung Lou,Kai-Huang Chen, Jung-Hui Chen, Jin-Cheng Zheng, and Simon M. Sze. Resistance Switching Induced by Hydrogen and Oxygen in Diamond-Like Carbon Memristor. IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, 35(10), (2014, Oct) 1016-1018. (SCI.).