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Welcome A.Pro.Da-Jie Lin ​from Feng Chia University, Taiwan to be committee member!  


A.Pro.Da-Jie Lin

Feng Chia University, Taiwan

林大傑教授 逢甲大学

Research Area: 

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Research Experience:

Dr. Lin is one of the founders of the center for Advanced Transportation Management Systems and has been the director of the center since 2013.  Under his leadership, the center has become one of the best academic research centers in Taiwan and is highly competitive in acquiring research funds and major projects from governments and private sectors.

Dr. Lin has served as primary investigator for several large-scaled research projects sponsored by governments and private sectors in the fields of traffic control, public transport, cloud computing, big data analysis, …etc.

Dr. Lin teaches several advanced courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Lin is actively involved with international academic exchange and academic activities, he is also an editor and reviewer for several journals and conference papers.